El Fin del Mundo
El Fin del Mundo

El Fin del Mundo, Hank and Cathie's new band with WB Reid, plays music that's out-of-this- world fun to play: Greek, Serbian, the El Fin del Mundo Rag, Hank's songs, the El Fin del Mundo Waltz, etc. Catch them in Bellingham at Nancy's Farm on Sunday October 8.

Roscoe's Gone Cover

Roscoe's Gone: Old time tunes and songs with Candy Goldman on banjo and Bill Meyer on guitar.

Balkan Kafe Orchestra
Balkan Kafe Orchestra

Hank Bradley and Cathie Whitesides

Hank Bradley and Cathie Whitesides are traditional folk music masters.

Hank's Southern style fiddling began with time spent with Otis Burris and the Mountain Ramblers of Galax, VA in the 60s. He is also adept on Greek bouzouki, Croatian tamburitsa, mandolin, guitar, and banjo. His Poison Coyote Kid LP began his reputation as song and tunesmith of great wit, able to be all the instruments in the band. He has performed and taught nationally and internationally.

Cathie Whitesides took up Irish fiddle when she heard outstanding box players Joe Cooley and Kevin Keegan in San Francisco in the 70s. With Irish music held close, she dove into New England contra dance tunes and has fiddled at dances nationally and as far away as Odessa and St. Petersburg. Interest in Greek, Romanian and Serbian fiddle tunes intensified with her partnership with Hank.

Cathie and Hank have performed as a duo for 25 years and also perform in numerous other bands.

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Hank and Cathie play concerts, dances, parties, and weddings, and have played Greek music at Georgia's Greek Restaurant for two joyous decades and counting. Read their bios and more about their other bands here:

Hank Bradley: American, Greek, and European music in diverse groups

Cathie Whitesides: Contra dance, Irish, Greek, and more

News and Gigs

Hank Bradley's latest cd, The Pescadero Blues, is out, comprising an assortment of string band pieces from simple fiddle tunes to barnburners, from minstrel struts to a Mexican waltz and a Greek odyessy, with some diverse topical songs.

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Pescadero Blues Cover


Georgia's Greek Restaurant

Georgia's Restaurant

Georgia with Grecian Sounds. Hank and Cathie have held forth at Georgia's Greek Restaurant over 20 years, first as a duo, then with Yannis Novakis, and lately with WB Reid in El Fin del Mundo. Check Georgia's this Calendar page or Cathie's facebook page for upcoming performances.


The Joe Cooley Tapes

Joe Cooley

Cathie met Joe Cooley, the legendary Irish box player from Galway, when he lived in San Francisco. She and Jeremy Kammerer made several years' worth of informal recordings of his music. They are available at www.joecooleytapes.org along with photos and information and downloadable music files. Enjoy!