Hank and Cathie: Greek music as a duo and in Grecian Sounds with Yannis Novakis

Hank Bradley: American, Greek, and European music in diverse groups

Cathie Whitesides: Cathie fiddles contra dance music, Irish music, and of late, Greek music.

Rhythm Rollers: Cathie with Laurie Andres, WB Reid, and Bob McQuillen

Creekside: Cathie with Frank Blade on mandolin and banjo, and Cynthia Dillard on piano.

Balkan Kafe Orchestra: Hank, Cathie, with Frannie Leopold

Armonikos: Cathie with Laurie and WB Reid

Zollo: Contra dance music by Cathie with Anita Anderson and Nova Karina Devonie. Tangy flavors of ragtime, swing, pop, Balkan and Greek music plus original tunes.