Cathie Whitesides

Cathie Whitesides Cathie Whitesides is a master fiddler specializing in Irish and Contra Dance music. Meeting Hank 25 years ago began a serious love affair with Greek music and language. She has played coast to coast at camps and dances, from The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes to Pinewoods. She loves teaching and has done a lot of it, both in workshops and private lessons, bringing skill, patience, and generosity to the work. See the CALENDAR page for Cathie's upcoming gigs.

After a few years playing in bands with the great Irish accordion players Joe Cooley and Kevin Keegan in San Francisco, Cathie gained popularity in the Bay Area contra dance scene, playing several dances a month until moving to Seattle in the 1990s. There she has played contras for decades with Laurie Andres, WB Reid, and the late Bob McQuillen as The Rhythm Rollers; with Laurie and Sandy Bradley as The Fixations; and previously with Anita Anderson, Nova Devonie, and Joanne Lauterjung as Zollo and The Beat Queens and with Laurie Andres and WB Reid in Armonikos, with Frannie Leopold in The Balkan Kafe Orchestra, the Balabustas, and in Bay Area band Hatsegana with Nada Lewis.

With Hank Bradley, Cathie has performed regularly at Georgia's Greek Restaurant for 21 years and counting, playing Greek, Balkan, and eastern European tunes augmented with compatible original compositions. WB Reid joins them currently in the trio El Fin Del Mundo. For an expanded list of recordings of Cathie and how to get them, go to Listen and Buy.

Rhythm Rollers: Cathie with Laurie Andres, WB Reid, and Bob McQuillen

Balkan Kafe Orchestra: Hank, Cathie, with Frannie Leopold