Cathie Whitesides

Cathie fiddles contra dance music, Irish music, and of late, Greek music. She is known nationally as a dance fiddler of joyfulness, strength and energy, and also loves teaching and has done a lot of it both in workshops and privately. She performs Greek music with Hank Bradley on bouzouki and guitar, fiddles with the Rhythm Rollers for contra dances and and at camps from coast to coast, and enjoys composing tunes and experimenting with contra tunes with the Beat Queens. The Balkan Kafe Orchestra also gives her the opportunity to play the Romanian, Serbian, and Greek tunes she loves.

Recordings include the Rhythm Rollers' "Hand It Down," and a new recording to be released in 2008, "Sperantsa," a collection of contra tunes and splendid waltzes with Hank Bradley and lots of other friends, and "Home Town Café," featuring Hank, Frannie Leopold, Jeremy Kammerer, and California friends, and a new recording with the Balkan Kafe Orchestra to be released in early 2008.

She is touring the East Coast with the Rhythm Rollers in 2008, and will be on staff at Bear Hug Dance Festival, Lady of the Lake Family Week, and Lark in the Morning, among others

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