Hank Bradley and Cathie Whitesides are two of Seattle's finest folk musicians, specializing in Greek music, old-time fiddle, contra dance music, Irish fiddle and more. Both avidly practice tune-smithing. Whether recorded or in performance they manage to delight for their attention to musical languages as well as for their fearless approach to innovation. Use the navigation bar at left to find out when Hank and Cathie are playing next; how to buy their latest CDs; and how to contact them. Link below for information about the bands they play with.


Hank and Cathie play Greek music as a duo and in Grecian Sounds with Yannis Novakis. Here's a list of their bios and other groups they are involved in.

Hank Bradley: American, Greek, and European music in diverse groups

Cathie Whitesides: Cathie fiddles contra dance music, Irish music, and of late, Greek music.

Rhythm Rollers: Cathie with Laurie Andres, WB Reid, and Bob McQuillen

Balkan Kafe Orchestra: Hank, Cathie, with Frannie Leopold

Armonikos: Cathie with Laurie and WB Reid

Zollo: Contra dance music, flavors of ragtime, swing, pop, Balkan and Greek music plus original tunes.

News and Gigs

Grecian Sounds has a new CD out! It features Hank Bradley, Cathie Whitesides, Laki Kazakos, and Yanni Novakis.

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Georgia's Restaurant

Come celebrate with us at the Grecian Sounds CD release party at Georgia's Greek Restaurant on April 9!

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