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The Pescadero Blues

Hank Bradley's latest cd The Pescadero Blues "is another collection of fiercely original tunes and songs …and like his previous solo albums …this batch of material is musically stout, inventive, and full of surprises. There are many exciting things about this recording, not the least that it contains all original songs and tunes created by a living, breathing traditional musician". Roy Andrade in The Old Time Herald.

Tunes from the album include: Benicia Mart, Dust Ruffle, Hex Rag and NAXOS.

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Moon Over Mendocino ~ Balkan Kafe Orchestra


The BKO's new CD is anything goes, from outrageous originals where cultural plundering and stealing is the norm to the heights of exotic Greek and Romanian music, along with beautiful old-time fiddle blues, rags and song.

Songs from Moon Over Mendocino: Win the Election | Hippie up the Danube | Sweet Sunny South | Syrto in E | Fiddlers Blues/California Blues/Dickson County Blues | Berkeley | Combination Rag/Fats | Blue on Monday | Hasaposerviko | Didaktiko Aptaliko | Hora/Sirba | Pants

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The Rhythm Rollers ~ Grand Right & Left


The Rhythm Rollers' new CD is a celebration of contra dance music featuring one of the most beloved New England contra dance musicians, the late Bob McQuillen of Peterborough, New Hampshire. Other musicians on the CD include Cathie Whitesides on fiddle, Laurie Andres on accordion, and WB Reid on banjo-guitar, fiddle, and guitar.

Tunes from Grand Right and Left: Road to California/Flowers of Michigan| I Lost My Love/The Old Favorite |(The) O'Donnells' Waltz | Bird in the Bush/Hand Me Down the Tacklings |4th of July/Pete's March | Clare Jig/Munster Buttermilk | Reel from John Taggert/Kohler's | Murray River Jig/Walking the Floor | Mount Cashel's Brigade/Laurie's Squeezebox/Roddy McCorley | Farewell to Whiskey/The Dark Girl | Mountain Ranger Hornpipe/Irish-American Reel | Camp Pleasant Jig/Bob's Own | Quindaro Hornpipe/Dominion Reel | Zora's Waltz

Listen to an mp3 of The Bird in the Bush Medley.

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Hand It Down ~ Bob McQuillen, Cathie Whitesides and Laurie Andres:

A collection of New England contra dance tunes composed by the late and legendary Bob McQuillen.

Laurie on accordion, Cathie on fiddle, and Bob on piano play tunes exclusively from Bob's vast repertoire, including Father Charlie's and Anne's Waltz.

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Hassle The Caller ~ Hank Bradley

Hassle the CallerInstrumental compositions by Hank Bradley for an old Southern string band, whose members all seem to be named Hank Bradley. Said Hanks play fiddle, guitar, mandolin, tamburitsa, bouzouki and (gasp) plectrum, 5-string and guitar banjos. Take that, you Mustaphas

Tunes: Hassle the Caller | Chase the Blues | Last Summer's Waltz | Planxty Stewart Mennin | Midnight in the Van | The Recuperation Waltz | Roscoe's Gone | Chase the Squids | Chase the Crickets | Katy | Bricks and Mortar |The Dance of the Music Critics and Taximi for Desert

Counterfeiting, Stealing, and Cultural Plundering, a Manual for Applied Ethnomusicologists

Counterfeiting, Stealing, and Cultural Plundering Cover

Hank's book includes transcriptions of tunes from Hassle The Caller.

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Home Town Cafe ~ Cathie Whitesides

Home-town CafeA fine collection of tunes from the traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, Greece, Romania and the former Yugoslavia, along with beautiful original compositions. Cathie is accompanied by Hank Bradley, Vince Delgado, Katherine Gardner, James Jacobs, Jeremy Kammerer, Paul Kotapish, Frannie Leopold, Jay Stebley, Jody Stecher and Daniel Steinberg.

Songs from Home Town Cafe: Bergin's/The Ivy Leaf | Doina din Berkeley/Hora din Arges | Geamparalele | Air for Hank/Cock of the North/Glengarry's Dirk/The Braes of Auchertyre | Kevin Keegan's Waltzes | Ballos from Andros | Tanjino Kolo | Madame Preston's March, Strathspey, and Reel | Lucy Farr's Jig/Banks of Lough Gowna | Goin' for a Swim/Berehaven | Salt Lake City Blues | Hughie Shortie's/Mary Claire/Tommy's Tarbuka | Frannie's Waltz | Mama Liga

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Sperantsa ~ Cathie Whitesides


"Cathie is adept in most fiddle traditions within the cultural and geographic boundaries defined by Eastern Europe and East Texas... The beautiful non-Celtic European waltzes included on Sperantsa especially moved this author... A bonus cut, Cathie's song "Some Friendly Advice" (a paean to the joys of music and dance), is included. This recording should appeal to fans of contra dance music and to folks who like to explore varied musical and cultural locales. Recommended!" ~ Steve Senderoff in The Old Time Herald Fall 2003.

Tunes from Sperantsa include: Acorn Stomp, The Adeline Waltz, Liz Carroll's and Sperantsa Pierduta.

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Music of the Poison Coyote Kid (1978)

Poison Coyote

This 40-year-old icon is Hank's first recording of original songs and , tunes, multitracked for a whole string band of Poison Coyote Kids. It does include Peg Leg Howell's old Skin Game Blues, and a rowdy pair of tamburice in The Lonesome Cowboy's Breakfast (written with Larry Hanks), plus a whole Alameda orchestra including the great Stewart Mennin on saxophone (see back cover) for the climactic recording of 'Olympia'.

Tunes from the album include: Them Beautiful Bottles, Olympia, and Teabag Blues.

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